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WebAccess DMP
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Welcome to the WebAccess/DMP Documentation Site

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All users of WebAccess/DMP are encouraged to contribute to the open-source documentation.

Available Documentation

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Tutorials   How-to Guides
Sign Up and Create your company   How to migrate my devices from DMP Gen1
General structure of the UI   How to login with my own scripts
Create new Companies   How to pre-configure all my devices
Create more Users   How to add a custom User Module
Claim a Device to your Company   How to move a device to another Management Server
Searching, filtering and sorting devices   How to create devices from a list and claim them
Configuring User Modules    
Configuring online and offline devices    
How the Dynamic Documentation works    
Upgrading all my devices to the latest Firmware using the API    
Claim all my devices to my company using the API    
Re-claim devices to a different company using the API    
Configuring online and offline devices using the API    
Getting audit logs using the API    
Getting aggregated monitoring for all devices using the API    
Getting monitoring data for one device using the API    
Subscribing to one device events using the Async API    
Subscribing to all possible events using the Async API    
Explanations / Discussions   References
What is WebAccess DMP   Glossary
Understanding Desired and Reported states   OpenAPI spec
Routers Overview   AsyncAPI spec
Router configuration and Health reporting   InfluxDB schema
Understanding OAuth    
Understanding Async API    
Cellular Data Usage    
AssureAuth™ Security Whitepaper    
Companies and Users    
Grouping and Tagging    
Firmware and User Module versions    
Monitoring a Device    
Monitoring Aggregated Company Data    
Applying Configuration with AssureSync™    
Secure Device Bootstrap    

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Release Notes

Version Date
Version 2.1.0 9th April 2020
Version 2.1.1 24th April 2020
Version 2.2.0 8th June 2020

Support or Contact

Please email support and we’ll do our best to respond quickly.

If you have a commercial arrangement with an Advantech channel partner, you can also escalate any issues through them.

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