# Sign Up

To start using WebAccess DMP, you need a user account first.

Use Sign Up only if you are the first from your company to access the platform. If someone else has already Signed Up, ask them to create a user to add you to the company. Signing Up will also ask you to create a company. This will allow you later to claim your devices.

Sign in straight away if your company is listed as an external provider under the Sign-in button (see details below the video).

# Sign Up Process

These are the steps if you prefer instructions instead of a video:

  • Go to wadmp.com (opens new window). You will be redirected to the login page
  • Click on the Sign-Up link and fill in your details and the ones of your company
  • After clicking on the Sign-Up button, go to your email inbox and confirm your new user.

# Sign in with External Provider

If your company is listed as an external provider, you can sign in immediately.

External provider

OAuth/OpenIP type of authentication is supported for external providers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want your company to be listed as an external provider.