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Cellular Data Usage


WebAccess/DMP requires every device to have the WebAccess/DMP Client Router App installed.

The basic principle of operation is that the WebAccess/DMP client maintains a TCP connection with the WebAccess/DMP management server. This means that the device is always connected, and therefore the user can reach the device immediately, as required.

However, there is a cost associated with maintaining this always-on TCP connection. Packets of data must be sent periodically, in order to maintain the connection. For the majority of our customers, the device connects to WebAccess/DMP via cellular. Which means that the cellular network provider (or “carrier”) charges for all data exchanged: even if it is only TCP “keepalive” data and not “application” data.


In normal operation, each device connected to WebAccess/DMP consumes approximately 440kB of data every day.

This can be reduced to approximately 240kB per day if you chose to disable the default monitoring feature on the client.

Data Usage per Device Up per Day Down per Day Daily Total Monthly Total
Monitoring Disabled 120 kB 120 kB 240 kB 7.2 MB
Monitoring Enabled, every 15 minutes 320 kB 120 kB 440 kB 13.2 MB

Monitoring Cellular Data Usage

Device Dashboard

alt text

Further details

Enabling the Check Connection function for mobile networks is necessary for uninterrupted and continuous operation of the router.