# 2.4.2: February 11, 2022

This immediate bugfix release has addressed several issues present for some time now.

# Improvements:

  • UI: Reworked the device table at the Company Dashboard page (it now contains links to the pages of the respective devices and is sortable by column). devices table

  • Added several significant optimization measures that improve the performance of our database.

  • UI: Removed pie graphs from the Company Dashboard page (Connection Status, Device Type, Cellular Connection Type) due to being redundant. This information is available on the Aggregated Dashboard page.

  • UI: Improved formatting of the extendable device detail information available on the "My Devices" page and device pages. device detail

  • UI: Rearranged information at the device detail Monitoring page. device monitoring

# Bugfixes:

  • Fixed routers sometimes become stuck out of sync due to a lost message and the server not resending it.

  • Fixed Auditing pages by default, not including the records created in the past 1 minute.

  • Fixed records in the Alert History page not being sorted by time.

  • Fixed some auditing records missing Requester User and Company Name information.

  • Fixed e-mails about Alerts showing slightly wrong time (delayed by the Cooldown length). We also added information about the timezone (UTC) into the messages.