# 2.3.0: 9th April 2021

The significant new feature introduced by this release is Billing.

  • The default company billing status is "Free", which includes provisioning and managing up to 5 devices.

  • Company can be upgraded to "Premium", which offers an unlimited number of devices and API access, and is billed monthly.

# UI

  • Major new feature: Support of Billing (company type indication, invoices list).
  • New feature: External OAuth/OpenID providers are now supported (a new option on the Sign-in form).
  • New feature: SIM PIN in the device can be changed from the UI.
  • Bugfix: Playbooks can now be sorted, filtered, and searched. The default playbook list is ordered by the creation date.
  • Improvement: Sub companies are now shown in the tree hierarchy under their parent company.
  • Other minor UI improvements were made (Playbooks pagination, small screen adjustments, etc.).

# Code / API

  • REST API: new endpoints for managing Companies (change of the company type regarding Billing).
  • Bug fixes: Some numbers on the dashboard were not correctly calculated.

# Content

  • Support of the latest WebAccess/DMP Client 2.0.10 and all the previous versions.
  • Support of other new Router Apps (User Modules).
  • Support of the latest router firmware 6.2.9 and all the previous versions.
  • Support of new device models.

# docs.wadmp.com