# 2.2.0: 8th June 2020

This release introduces a significant new feature: Playbooks.

  • Apply a sequence of "actions" to a group of devices immediately or at a scheduled time in the future.
  • Devices may be already online or not online yet. i.e., Zero-Touch Provisioning, mass deployment.
  • Supported actions include:
    • Set Firmware
    • Install User Module
    • Apply a Settings Group
    • Reboot
    • Change Local Password

# UI

  • Major new feature: Playbooks.
  • New feature: Device Groups.
  • New feature: Settings Groups.
  • New feature: change the local password for the root user on a device.
  • Bugfix: validated users are now shown green on the Users screen.
  • Added “Change Password” feature for users.
  • Bugfix: search for users.

# Code / API

  • REST API: new endpoints for managing Playbooks.
  • REST API: new endpoint to update a Settings Group.
  • REST API: new endpoints for change-password, retrieve-password.
  • Bugfix: some devices were showing as offline when they were online.
  • Bugfix: Prevent cyclical company structures.

# Content

  • Added the HMPClient User Module (for backward compatibility with Gen1).
  • Added the latest version of the WA/DMP Client User Module: 2.0.5.
  • Bugfix: changes to the WLAN section were causing some devices to be out of sync.

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