# 2.5.2: March 30, 2023

This release contains improvements and bug fixes.

# Improvements:

  • Added an option to pay the WADMP service through the Advantech WISE Marketplace.

# Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Playbooks getting stuck in Running state when some of the actions failed .

  • Fixed Playbooks getting stuck in Running state when multiple playbooks targetting the same device were started simultaneously.

  • Fixed Playbook date and time showing “0” instead of the proper value for Start and Completion time.

  • Fixed user permissions not being automaticly ticked when repeatedly ticking a Company Admin flag.

  • Fixed GET /companies/<id> endpoint returning Internal Error when targeting a nonexisting company.

  • Fixed User Signed In and User Signed Out audit logs showing a wrong IP address. Due to the service being behind NAT, they will no longer show IP addresses.

# Content

  • Fixed WIFI AP DHCP Pool settings not being applied to router.

  • Added support for ICR-324x-1n device types.