# 2.4.3: June 7, 2022

This release contains UI improvements, appearance changes, and bug fixes.

# Improvements:

  • The date format has been changed into an ISO standard (YYYY-MM-DD) across the UI. Date Format

  • Added an option to export Audit Logs to the CSV file. Auditing CSV Export

  • Users with more than 10 companies will now have an autocomplete search bar as a company filter. Company Filter

  • The latest Company filter state will now be remembered while navigating across the UI.

  • The Pagination setting will be remembered as well while navigating across the UI. Pagination Remember

  • Added an alphabetical sorting and an autocomplete feature to all forms having the Company, Device Type, and Country fields across the UI, so it's easier to select what you are looking for as you are writing down. Company Search

  • The Install Router Apps section has been improved:

    1. Router Apps are now sorted alphabetically. The sorting order can be changed.
    2. Added a search box to find a Router App quickly.
    3. CANCEL and INSTALL buttons are always visible.
    4. Removed the mark all apps checkbox.
    5. Widedened the Version field, so the whole version string is visible. Router Apps Search
  • The icons of the Playbooks and Audit Logs Action Type filters changed to a classic filter icon. Classic Filter Icon

  • Changed the position of the Aggregated Dashboard graphs legend, which is now under the graphs. Graph Legend

  • Changed the data amount unit symbol from MBs to MiBs everywhere in the GUI, so the data units are unified (1 MiB is counted as 1024 KiBs).

  • Removed the Breadcrumb panels on the top of the pages. Panel Removal

  • Added the text "Press ESC for more options" to the Company dashboard, so the graph tunning settings can be found easier. Escape Options

  • The Premium label at the Alerts menu now disappears once the user is a member of Premium companies only.

  • Added spaces to the Alert Rule Operators so they are more human-readable. Escape Options

# Bugfixes:

  • Fixed multiple visual bugs and details: alignments, cropped company filter pills, unified bold text usage, and added missing description tooltips.

  • Fixed visual bug of the Invoice PDF that it did not have alignment borders.

  • Alerts: Fixed Target Type not being changed when switching between Single Device and Company values, despite the successful message being shown.

  • Alerts: Fixed the device selection was offering devices that do not belong to the selected company.

  • Auditing: Fixed an issue where some events did not show because the minute accurate time filter wrongly did not include them. The time filter shows events in all 59 seconds of the selected minute.

  • Playbooks: Fixed showing of Router Apps with is_aggreagate parameter set to true. These Routers Apps are now not offered to be installed but are automatically installed along with other Router App.