# Two-Factor Authentication

2FA (Two-Factor authentication) provides an additional level of security to protect your account.

Suppose it is enabled and already set up after a successful login. In that case, you will be asked for a one-time password to enter from your Auth App (Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.)

# Authenticator Apps

To configure 2FA, you should first download the Authenticator app to your phone. We support a wide array of Auth apps.

# Enable 2FA

You can activate 2FA in the Company Edit Form.


After turning it on, you can configure a 2FA using your Auth application.

Important Notice: Enabling 2FA will add an extra option, “Service Account” (in the user's permissions settings), so company admins can enable/disable this feature for users in a company having 2FA enabled (this will allow users to use the scripts even if they have 2FA enabled otherwise they will not be able to).

Enable 2FA

When you enable 2FA for a company, all users will be forced to set up the 2FA after they log in. They cannot use the system until they complete the 2FA setup.

# 2FA Login

Once you have downloaded the application, you must scan the QR code or enter the given code manually.

2FA app

Type in the unique password you see in your Auth app to sign in.

2FA app password

Important Notice: Turning 2FA off for the company will turn it off for all users in that company.